All syllabus classes focus on developing your trick vocabulary and build on from what is taught in the previous level. These classes will include a new choreography every 4 weeks so you can get an idea of how to string together the moves you’ve learnt and work on your body awareness and lines. Your instructor will let you know individually when you are ready and safe to proceed to the next level, everyone will learn at a different pace and you should be proud of your own journey!


Absolute beginners welcome! Here’s where all of us at PDM started. Not to worry, no experience or fitness background is necessary. Starting with the basic pole walk and grips, we will soon have you spinning around, climbing and sitting comfortably up the pole! Please wear a sports bra/singlet and shorts that expose the back of the knees and inner thighs, and bring along a sweat towel. No body lotion please! This will make the poles slippery.

Moving up criteria includes: knee spin, fan kick, jamilla, climb + pole sit + layout combo.


Now that you’ve got feel for the basics, it’s time to build on those skills and take them to the next level; including going upside down from a basic pole sit! On this level you will learn more beautiful moves, longer combos up in the air, and overcome the fear of going upside down!

Moving up criteria includes: jamilla split, angel, twisty grip backstag, fast spin, spin climb + sit + layback + headstand combo.


Okay let's face it, you’re getting hooked. This level is perfect for those who want to master the straddle invert and get comfortable with single leg hangs (scorpio and gemini), which are the gateway to all those beautiful inverted moves that you want in your life!

Moving up criteria includes: Inside leg hang (scorpio), outside leg hang (gemini), a confident invert and ability to hold your straddle on both sides.


Expand on those single leg hangs you've mastered in Pole One+ with stunning tricks and transitions! Train your aerial inverts, brass monkey and handstands to prepare you for more advanced moves.

Moving up criteria includes: confident aerial invert on both sides, brass monkey, scorpio to scorpio transition.


This is currently our highest level syllabus class and will challenge your strength, flexibility and stamina!


Pole addicts, this one’s for you. Learn the hottest tricks in the market every week and keep it fresh!

Requirements: Pole 2 and above.


Always wanted to run away and join the circus? Learn to navigate the hoop with confidence in this open level class. You will learn a new move or transition each week, with variations for the more advanced students, and, at the end of each term, we will teach you how to tie everything together to create a flowing choreography.

Please wear leggings and long sleeved top to protect yourself from friction burns.


The perfect way to relax after a long week. Learn how to flow gracefully through the air with a new combo each week! As with hoop, at the end of each term we will teach you how to tie everything together to create a flowing choreography.

Please wear leggings and long sleeved top to protect yourself from friction burns.


Active flex is a class that focuses on developing flexibility through strength and techniques of muscle engagement. It will help you form a solid foundation of body awareness for dance and movement.


Choreography classes feature a fresh routine every term, with the focus shifting away from the standard syllabus-based tricks and towards learning to find your flow, developing your personal style, and discovering different ways to move! They are great in complimenting your syllabus classes and you should expect them to challenge your stamina and creativity.

We recommend some pole experience for Contemporary and Exotic Pole, while Chair is open to all levels.


A little sexy, a little acrobatic, and a lot of fun trying not to topple the chair while looking elegant.

Heels and/or above the knee socks recommended for this class.


Way beyond just sexy, Exotic takes it a step further with dynamic changes, heel clacks, acrobatic balances and out of this world leg work.

Heels and knee pads recommended for this class.


Contemporary Pole showcases a more expressive side to pole dancing. Learn how to use your body to create art and find your flow!

Knee pads and socks/foot undeez recommended for this class.