1. All syllabus classes follow a 6 week term structure and are targeted towards developing your strength, flexibility, stamina and trick vocabulary in a progressive manner. These classes will feature syllabus tricks incorporated into a new spin pole choreography each term to give you ideas on how to string together the tricks you’ve learnt.


    Your instructor will let you know individually when you are ready and safe to proceed to the next level. Everyone will learn at a different pace so embrace your own pace and enjoy the journey!



    Absolute beginners welcome! Here’s where all of us at PDM started. Not to worry, no experience or fitness background is necessary. Starting with the basic pole walk and grips, we will soon have you spinning around, climbing and sitting comfortably up the pole! Please wear a sports bra/singlet and shorts that expose the back of the knees and inner thighs, and bring along a sweat towel and yoga mat. No body lotion please! This will make the poles slippery.

    Moving up criteria includes: katemoss, pole turn, vanessa, knee spin, fan kick, jamilla, climb + sit + layout combo, forearm grip.



    Now that you've got a feel for the basics, it’s time to build on those skills, including going upside down from the basic pole sit! In this level you will learn more beautiful moves, longer combos up in the air, and overcome the fear of going upside down.

    Moving up criteria includes: jamilla split, ball sit, skater, inside leg spin, twisty grip backstag, layback, headstand straddle down, half and full bracket grip.


    POLE ONE +

    Okay let's face it, you’re getting hooked. This level is perfect for those who want to master the straddle invert and get comfortable with single leg hangs (scorpio and gemini), which are the gateway to all those beautiful inverted moves that you want in your life!

    Moving up criteria includes: ballerina, crucifix, handstand stag, outside to inside leg hang transition, half star, a confident invert and ability to hold your straddle on both sides.



    Take your moves to the next level, literally. In this level you will learn how to invert mid-air and expand on those leg hangs with stunning tricks and transitions!

    Moving up criteria includes: aerial invert on both sides, invert to inside leg hang, controlled descent from invert, aerial crucifix, butterfly, sit to brass monkey, superman, tammy to inside leg transition, headstand straddle up.


    POLE TWO +

    For those who have their aerial inverts and leg hang techniques down, but need a little extra challenge. Broaden your movement vocabulary while developing your strength, stamina, flexibility, and confidence aerially to prepare you for Pole Three.

    Moving up criteria includes: confident aerial invert on both sides, aerial ballerina, shoulder mount dead hang, jamilla to inside and outside leg hang, caterpillar climb, extended butterfly,, confident brass monkey, handstand straddle down.



    This is currently our highest level syllabus class and will challenge your strength, flexibility and stamina! Learn more intricate transitions and get those classic power moves you may have dreamt of such as shoulder mount and Ayesha(static V) variations.

    Moving up criteria includes: confident shoulder mount, splits on both sides, outside and inside leg hang to brass monkey, forearm/ elbow/ true grip/ twisty grip ayesha, handstand straddle up, funny grip invert.


    Get bendy while gaining a deeper understanding and control of your body. This class will guide you through techniques and exercises to develop mobility and strength, both safely and comfortably; the perfect supplement to improve yourself as a dancer and aerialist (; Each mini term will focus on a revolving set of goal moves such as front splits, middle splits and backbends.



    Combining pole and aerial silk elements, Pole Silks is your escape to dreamy, low flow spin shapes woven into a choreography. This class is ideal for anyone of any level looking to improve their lines, pole strength and techniques with the support of silk!


    Requirements: Cropped leggings/biker shorts with exposed knee. Long sleeves optional to avoid friction burn.



    A little sexy, a little acrobatic, and a lot of fun trying not to topple the chair whilst looking effortless. Learn all the different ways you can use a chair in a bangin' choreography each mini term. If you are looking to improve your acro skills from the basic shoulder stands and up, this class is an excellent way to get there!


    Requirements: Heels and knee pads, or above the knee socks recommended for this class



    Slide, roll and work your way across the floor in this choreography class; guaranteed mood booster and a fantastic way to strengthen your entire body, whilst working on your lines, musicality and dance. Legwork, body articulation, shoulder stands and rolls are common features of each routine.


    Requirements: Heels or socks, and knee pads or leggings are recommended for this class


    Barefoot Pole is a choreography class showcasing a more expressive and sometimes experimental side to pole dancing. Tap into your inner world and let your soul shine through in all of your movement.


    Requirements: Knee pads recommended for this class



    An intermediate level, no-invert tricks class on spinning pole. Build on your foundational techniques and explore beautiful shapes on the pole! Suitable for those that would like to work on your aerial flow, technique, stamina, strength and creativity. Progressions and regressions will be available (:



    For the more experienced, let Pole Silks Shape Play be your playground as we guide you through our favourite upright flows and inverted shapes in progressive combinations each week. The perfect class to kickstart your own aerial explorations with the support of silk!


    Requirements: Cropped leggings/biker shorts with exposed knee knees. Long sleeves optional to avoid friction burn.



    Be it soft and sensual or fierce as f***, learn the freshest choreography each mini term and walk away feeling inspired, energized and confident. Unlike the other heels classes, this one will be rooted in musicality and channeling that divine feminine energy.


    Requirements: Heels and knee pads recommended for this class



    This is a sequence based class with a focus on refining your movement and technique. Unlike a choreography class, there will be no time pressure so you will be able to truly hone in on proper heel technique, body lines, and flow. This class will be perfect for those starting out in their heel journey or veterans seeking to improve their technique and movement quality. Barefoot dancers also welcome to work on lines, flow and ankle strength (;


    Requirements: Heels or socks, and knee pads or leggings are recommended for this class


    Pole addicts, let's keep it fresh! Learn the hottest tricks in the pole scene every week and stay on top of your game.



    If acrobatic basework and dynamic movements are your passion, this is the ultimate class for you. Think handstands, kips, drops and more, tied together in a new static pole choreography each mini term! Expand your static basework vocabulary and add some serious oomph into your pole work.


    Requirements: Heels and knee pads recommended for this class


    Casual jam session, currently limited to instructors and existing Pole 3 students due to capacity constraints. For a nominal fee of rm 40 for a 1.5hr session, simply confirm your attendance in the pole 3 group chat and pay on arrival! Limited to 8 pax only. Let’s play, learn, and create together!