I am a beginner, where do i start?

Pole Basic is our beginner level pole class, no experience required! Alternatively, check out our open level classes; Active Flexibility, Floorwork, and Acro Chair.

What should i wear/ bring/ know for my first pole class?

Wear short shorts and a sports bra/singlet, as you will require exposed skin to grip the pole. Do not use any skin lotions or moisturizers as this will make the poles slippery and hard to grip. Bring along a yoga mat, sweat towel and water bottle

Covid update: Bring an additional spare towel to wipe down equipment. Hands-free sanitizer sprays are available at our studio

What is a Term vs Mini Term package?

Term packages allow you to book into Syllabus Classes that follow a 6 week term whereas Mini Term packages allow you to book into Non-Syllabus Classes that follow a 3 week term. If you are looking to book into a Pole Basic Term you will need to purchase Term credits whereas you would purchase Mini Term credits for a Mini Term in Acro Chair or Floorwork

What is Practice Time?

Practice Time slots are unsupervised sessions where you can practice what you have learnt in class to enhance your learning experience! Selected Term and Mini Term Packages do come with complementary Practice Time Slots, a gift from us to you (:

How do I sign up for Classes?

On our website, select Register > Bookings. Create an account on our booking platform, purchase packages and start booking your slots! We update the schedule with new classes every 7 weeks. For a detailed tutorial on how to use our booking platform, check out our Instagram Highlights “Register How?” @poledancemovement

How do I sign up for Private Lessons?

On our website, select Register > Privates and let us know your details. An available instructor will get in touch with you asap.

How do I purchase Online Class Recordings?

Contact us through Instagram direct message @poledancemovement or email

I am neither fit not flexible, can i join classes?

Absolutely! Our classes are a great way to improve your strength, flexibility, coordination and overall fitness

Do you offer trial classes?

Occasionally! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates, though we usually recommend joining a full term of Pole Basic to get a true taste of the experience!

Booking Policy

- Cancellations > 24 hours before the booking, otherwise forfeited

- Replacement classes can be booked via our booking platform, upon commencement of term/ miniterm

- Refunds applicable if we are unable to provide the service

- Package extensions only applicable to emergency cases such as injury or tragedy

- No sharing of packages

Covid-19 Policy

- Stay home if you have a fever, cough, flu, respiratory issues, or if you’ve taken medications that can mask a fever (paracetamol/ ibuprofen)

- Compulsory Bring Your Own: Yoga mat (or appropriately large towel if you do not own a personal mat), 2 small towels (1 for personal use, 1 to wipe down equipment) & water bottle

- Encouraged Bring Your Own: Yoga blocks & resistance bands

- Starting 11th Jan, it is compulsory for all attending group classes to wear a mask at all times, unless breathing difficulty is an issue.

- Come to the studio 5 minutes early, in changed clothes & ready for class. The bathroom is for emergency use only

- Scan our My Sejahtera QR code while waiting for your class outside the studio, following the tape demarcations on the floor

- Your instructor will let you in when it's time for class and take your temperature. *A temperature of 37.5 C and above is considered a fever & you will be prohibited from entry

- Upon entry, wash your hands thoroughly then take turns to place your bags in one of three cubbies at opposite ends of the studio

- Wipe down any equipment that you touched thoroughly, including yoga blocks used to prop your phones up. Hands-free cleaning sprays are available at the studio

- Stay 1 metre apart from each other at all times. No hugging, no physically spotting each other, no loitering (before or after class). Balcony use for staff only

- Cashless transactions only (online transfer/ PayPal)